General Information

On 3rd May, 2006, Cargo Service Center India Private Limited (MCSCAPL) was appointed as an independent custodian at Mumbai. As a custodian, MCSCAPL looks after total cargo activities that is from the stage of receipt of export shipments in the warehouse till placed on the aircraft with regard to export cargo and from the stage of import shipments being received from the flight till delivery to the consignee as regarding import activities. Facilities are available for acceptance and storage of all kinds of cargo including special cargo, perishables, dangerous goods, cargo requiring cold storage, valuables, live animals, heavy odd-sized cargo. To electronically interact with its trade partners MCSCAPL has developed its own Cargo Custodian Website. Through this, Agents, Handled Airlines, Banks, Customs, Importers and Exporters can interact with the Custodian through a single web based platform.
Acceptance and stacking of General and Special Cargo (Dangerous goods, Valuables, Cold Storage) for Customer Airlines is done here. The export shipments of customer airlines are carted to their respective warehouses.

General Exports Warehouse: Working Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. except Sundays and Customs Holidays.
N.B. Working hours are extendable subject to Customs Permission & Payment of overtime.

Acceptance and binning of General and Special Cargo (Dangerous goods, Valuables, Cold Storage) for Customer Airlines is done here. The export shipments of customer airlines are carted to their respective warehouses.

Cold Storage Facilities:

Facility Temerature Range One Time Holding Capacity Annual Handling Capacity
Perishable Centre +15 to +25 ºC, +2 to +8 ºC, 0 to -10 ºC 160 Tons 50000 Tons
Cold Storage +15 to +25 ºC, +2 to +8 ºC 120 Tons 30000 Tons

We also have a facility of three 40’ Reefer containers, which can accommodate bulk perishable cargo as well. There are no weight restrictions for usage of the containers, however advance arrangements have to be made for consignments through email ID Mayilvanan.T@csia.gvk.com

Q 1. How to register on MCSCAPL web portal for on-line transactions?
A 1. Registration on MCSCAPL web portal can be performed using URL http://cargo.gvk.com . Approval of the on-line registration is subject to the following:-

     1. Users are requested to fill valid E-mail ID and Phone Number(s) in the Registration form.
     2. MCSCAPL’s registration office will ascertain the correctness of the details submitted.
     3. Users are requested to change the password after the registration is approved.
     4. Submission of the hard copies of the documents mentioned on the portal.
     (Please refer Q 10)
     NOTE: - For Registration on MCSCAPL’s Custodian website is subject to creation of a PD Account with MCSCAPL.

Registration is taken care by the office of:
    Manager-Cargo CMS Department
      Cargo Service Center India Private Limited
     International Courier Terminal, Sahar, Andheri East, Mumbai -400099.

The following activities can be carried out through the website:
     1. AWB creation
     2. Application for Carting Order
     3. Terminal Charges Receipt

Q 2. What are the activities that can be performed through MCSCAPL cargo web portal?
A 2. The following activities can be carried out through the website:
      1.Generation of on-line TC (Terminal Charges)
     2. Request for Carting Order to Airlines
     3. Cargo Tracking

Q 3. How do I Login MCSCAPL Web portal?
A 3. Enter the URL http://cargo.gvk.com.Type USER ID and PASSWORD created at the time of registration and flag import tab, click submit button.

Q 4. How to create Export Terminal Charges receipt on MCSCAPL Custodian Website?
A 4. Below is the process for export TC creation on MCSCAPL website:- After login user need to click “Add new AWB”
      This will display an input screen for details to be filled up.
     1. AWB Number (As in Airway Bill Copy).
     2. Exporter / Shipper name.
     3. Airline.
     4. Destination.
     5. Incase Shipment needs to be cleared between 2200 hrs to 1000 and on Custom Holidays, the user will have to
     select the MOT check box.
     6. Commodity type from the list of commodities given in the drop down list.
     8. Number of packages/Gross Weight/Chargeable weight.
     9. Add additional row if required or click “sum” for total and submit.
     10. Add shipping bill details received from customs and click on generate TC.
     11. Select payment mode as PDA and enter the transaction password and click on pay now.

Q 5. When do I enter Shipping Bill Details?
A 5. After submitting AWB details, the user will be navigated to the Shipping Bill information screen. The User have to enter the necessary Shipping Bill details for EDI and Non-EDI (Manual) shipping bills by selecting the shipping bill type.

Q.6. How do I apply for a Carting Order? (Incase of an Offline / Non-scheduled carrier)
A.6.After submitting the AWB details, user can click home button. Now click on ‘Carting’. This will redirect to request Carting Order screen for selecting the First Carrier and then click submit. The First Carrier will release the Carting Order for Cargo booked on their respective flights.
For Scheduled Carriers, Carting Order request shall be automatically sent to the respective Airline based on the prefix of AWB, who shall release the same accordingly. The status can be viewed upon refreshing Home page.

Q 7. How do I create a Terminal Charges receipt?
A 7. Export – TC Payment:
On the home page, the User can click on the icon in the TC column against the AWB number. This will navigate the user to the TC receipt screen wherein the user can enter remarks related to the shipment if any. Once the user establishes the correctness of the receipt, he/she needs to input the transaction password and then click on the ‘PAY NOW’ button.

Q 8. How many copies of the Terminal Charges Receipt do I require?
A 8. Users are advised to print 3 copies of the Terminal Charge Receipt.
     1. One copy to be submitted at the gate, to the Security, for bringing the cargo into the premises.
     2.One copy to be attached to the export documents, which also acts as a receipt for the cargo
      and documents received by the custodian.
     3. One for the Airline for record purposes.

Q.9. How do I cancel a Terminal Charge receipt created online?
A.9. A Terminal Challan receipt created online can only be cancelled at the MCSCAPL counter.

Q.10.Can I later take a reprint of the Terminal Charge receipt which is created online?
A.10. Yes, a Terminal Challan receipt can be reprinted by Clicking on ‘Details’ against the desired AWB. This will take you to the ‘Edit consignment details’ page. Click on ‘TC details’ which will give you TC details. Click on ‘View TC’ this will give you the TC receipt page. Click on ‘Print TC’ for a reprint. Reprint of a TC can be done, provided the TC has not expired.

Q.11. What is the validity of Terminal Charge receipt?
A.11.  Terminal Charge receipt is valid for the date of generation only ie, upto12'O clock midnight.

Q.12. How can I edit shipping Bill details?
A.12. Shipping Bill can be edited by Clicking ‘Details’ on AWB. On the ‘Edit consignment details” page, click on Shipping Bill. The SB details opens up for further amendments/ corrections (before payment).

Q.13. How can I edit AWB number?
A.13. AWB number once created cannot be edited. However, AWB details can be edited before the payment of TC.

Q.14.What is CARR (Cargo Arrival)?
A.14. CARR is an EDI message sent by the Custodian to Customs for physical arrival of Cargo in the Exports shed. One copy of TC receipt is handed over to the Custodian CARR counter adjacent to Customs Gate P.O, after obtaining signature on the Annexure ‘C’ from the Gate P.O.

Q.15. How do I open a PD Account? 
A.15. To open a PD Account you are required to submit the following documents: 
   a. PD Account Form(fill in triplet)
   b. Covering letter in the format given below on your company’s letter head
   i. Name of the Organisation
   ii. Address
   iii.Telephone No
   iv. C.H.A License
   v. IATA Regn. No.
   vi. Deposit Amount
   c. Copy of the CHA licence / IATA registration certificate / I/E permit from Reserve Bank.
   d. Demand Draft / Bankers cheque drawn in favour of MCSCAPL Ltd., for a minimum of Rs. 5,000.

Q.16. How do I view my PD Account reports ?
A.16.  After logging on the custodian website, click on 'View Reports icon' which will display a fill up Ledger Report mask with drop down calendar displays. Click on the relevant From and To dates by updating the calendar and submit, to view your reports which can be exported in excel format.

Q.17. What is a help desk?
A.17.  It’s a facility for users in cases of any difficulties faced by them online. Contact numbers as below:
     i. Registration:6685 1361/ 66850324 /6685 1390 (Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 6p.m)
     ii. Operational (24x7) - 6685 1382/ 6685 1364 /91672 13623

Q.18. How to end the Login session?
A.18. User can end the login session by clicking on the Logout button on the screen.

Q.19. Which are the airlines handled by MCSCAPL in General Warehouse?

14   GF   GULF AIR
15   6E   INDIGO
16   IR   IRAN AIR
23   WY   OMAN AIR